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Star Ocean Blue Sphere - Wallpaper Gallery

Star Ocean Blue Sphere is a Japanese RPG game that was only released in Japan. The title takes place approximately 2 years after Star Ocean: The Second Story. All the game's characters characters have moved on with their lives. Claude has taken the characters Rena, Leon, and Precis to come live on Earth with him. Ashton, Celine, Dias, Noel, Chisato, and Bowman still live on Planet Expel. Ernest and Opera are treasure hunting when their ship crash lands on Planet Edifice. Opera manages to send out an S.O.S. to Precis, who then rounds up the entire gang (sans Claude and Rena, who are on a Federation mission) in her self-built ship and heads to the planet. They are also mysteriously pulled down through the planet's atmosphere and crash-land. They decide to explore their surroundings and search for their missing comrades, hoping that Claude and Rena will rescue them, but they too crash-land on Edifice later on in the game. Check out all of our Star Ocean Blue Sphere Wallpapers and Backgrounds here on Even though the game never hit American Shores, we still have some great wallpapers.

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